Be a Part of Arts for Health

There are many ways in which you may get involved in Arts for Health.  

Join our Arts for Health committee.

Please email Gretchen Bayne with information about you and why you’d like to join.

Want to perform? *Please note performances are not allowed in Brenner's Children's Hospital

Please reach out to Gretchen Bayne.

Want to participate in our Employee Art Show or display your work? 

Reach out to Sharon Grubbs for more information.

Want to sing with fellow staff and members of the community at the Medical Center with our Medical Center Chorale or Healing Voices? 

As an employee you may be able to participate in Healing Voices and not have to clock out as approved by your manager. Please contact Gretchen Bayne if you are interested. We would love to have you.

Have an idea for an arts performance or event that you’d like to see or create in the Medical Center?

Reach out to Gretchen Bayne. If you have an art form you would like to perform or showcase, please complete the talent search form.