Care at Home Services Offered

Wake Forest Baptist Health Care at Home can provide a service or a combination of services in the patient's home. Services are provided under the direction of your physician. Below, learn more about the many Care at Home services available to patients.

Skilled Nursing

These staff members provide skilled nursing services and admit patients to services completing appropriate clinical documentation under the Clinical Manager's direction. Skilled nursing is provided by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses under the direction of a registered nurse.

The nurse will assess individual status and provide care ad instruction as needed by the patient. The nurse will implement the care plan in conjunction with patient and family skilled nursing care per the physician's plan of care/treatment and in compliance with Nurse Practice Act. The nurse will provide instructions to various health care personnel regarding patient medication, diets, disease process and patient self-care.

Therapy Program

These services are provided by licensed therapists and licensed therapy assistants such as physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and certified occupational therapist assistants (COTAs) who practice under the direction of the therapists.

This program includes physical, occupational and speech language therapy services. These services include the planning and administration of prescribed skilled therapy treatment and training for patients suffering from various injuries, illnesses and functional disabilities to attain the highest level of physical function.

Home Health Aides (HHAIDE)

Care at Home provides personal care services for those patients who require assistance. A registered nurse or therapist supervises the HHAIDE's. All care provided by HHAIDEs is directed by the registered nurse or therapist.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the HHAIDE (per visit) are:

  • Bathe/shower or assist with bath or shower, perform skin care, give back rubs
  • Assist with or perform mouth care
  • Feed or assist with feeding
  • Comb/shampoo hair as needed
  • Clean bedside area, change linens
  • Assist patient on/off bedpan, bedside commode or toilet
  • Straighten/lightly clean bathroom or bedroom area where the patient's care was provided
  • Assist with exercises if ordered/trained by the registered nurse or therapist
  • File fingernails and toenails
  • Shave patient
  • Catheter care if necessary

As time permits, after personal care, the Home Health Aide may perform the following:

  • Laundry essential to the comfort and cleanliness of the patient
  • Prepare a light meal or snack for the patient
  • Shop for food if no one else is available

The HHAIDE MAY NOT perform the following:

  • Transport the patient in his/her personal vehicle or drive the family car
  • Prepare meals or give personal care to anyone other than the patient
  • Sit for the patient if the family is out. If an errand must be done, please return prior to the usual time the HHAIDE leaves
  • Receive gifts, gratuities or be personally employed while the patient is a client of Care at Home
  • Cut or trim fingernails, toenails or hair
  • General housekeeping
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