About Me

“I am passionate about treating each patient and family as a cohesive unit. I strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for my patients.”

Dr. Burke is a pediatric neurosurgeon. She specializes in brain and spinal cord tumors, hydrocephalus (fluid accumulations), Chiari and other malformations, spasticity, epilepsy and intraventricular (brain) hemorrhages of prematurity.

She spent 2 years in Auckland, New Zealand, where she dedicated a year to pediatric neurosurgery and a year to adult neurosurgery. Her international experience reinforced her commitment to pediatric neurosurgery and increased her passion for providing care and support to pediatric patients and their families.

Dr. Burke is an assistant professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Her research interests include pediatric intracranial vascular malformations and pediatric neuro-oncology.

Dr. Burke completed her undergraduate studies in molecular biology at Kenyon College. She received her medical degree and Doctor of Philosophy in experimental pharmacology and biomedical neuroscience at Boston University. She completed residency at the University of Virginia and a pediatric neurosurgical fellowship at the University of Utah.