About Me

My training started just after college in orthopedics. I initially graduated San Diego State University in 2000 with a BS in Physical Therapy. I then decided to change career paths and went back to school. I received an AS in Orthopedic Technology the following year. After completing the program, I started at Kaiser Permanente for three years as an Orthopedic Technician. With my increasing knowledge base, I decided to further my education and move to Albany, NY for Physician Assistant school. Just as school was ending, I was offered a job in High Point, NC. I have been here ever since.

I have worked in Orthopedics, Nephrology, Urgent care and ultimately Internal medicine, which I have been in for the last 11 years.

I enjoy treating acute and chronic conditions. I find getting to know my patients and building relationships with them improves their care. I hope that when you become my patient, you feel comfortable not only with your care, but with the understanding of what we are doing to care for you.