Genetic Laboratory Services

Medical Genetic Laboratories

  • WFU Medical Genetic Laboratories are one of the oldest in the nation (founded in 1961).
  • WFU Medical Genetic Laboratories are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services Clinical Laboratory Amendments (CLIA) and the College of Laboratory Pathology (CAP).
  • The Cytogenetic Laboratory is this region's only CALGB (Cancer and Leukemia Group-B) and COG (Children’s Oncology Group) approved laboratory.
  • All laboratory testing is performed on site unless otherwise specified.
  • Laboratory Directors are certified through the American College of Physicians by The American College of Medical Genetics.
  • The laboratory primarily serves area hospitals, physician’s offices and clinics in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, western North Carolina and surrounding states.

Laboratory Certification

CAP              34D0665331             MEDICAID      89-07001
CLIA             34D0665331             MEDICARE      230568


  • All reports are provided with a written interpretation by board certified geneticists.
  • Faxing, e-mailing, and e-faxing are available upon request.
  • Abnormal prenatal, congenital peripheral blood and cancer cases are called to the referring physician prior to reporting.


Lab hours - 7am to 5pm  Mon-Fri, After hrs/weekends: 336-806-3573 or 806-3612.

Additional Services Available

  • Clinical consultation with board-certified clinical geneticists
  • Genetic counseling with board-certified genetic counselors
  • Specialized testing sent to reference labs with interpretation
  • Direct physician and hospital billing, patient (insurance) billing, Medicaid/Medicare billing, or self-pay billing

General Specimen Submission

Specimen submission is dependent on the test being requested. Please see listed information or contact the laboratory for instructions. A complete listing of tests is provided.


Fees are test-specific. Please call the laboratory to obtain a fee schedule.

Local Sample Pickup

For free local courier pick up: Call 336-716-4321 by 2 pm.  Samples are picked up by Walker Express by 3 pm Monday - Friday. For any issues, concerns, problems or late pick ups call 336-716-4321.

Regional Sample Pickup

We run a courier pick up service, primarily for Maternal Serum Screening samples, out to the Asheville area on Mondays and Wednesdays and down to the Charlotte region on Tuesday and Fridays. Call in for pick ups is required. Any issues, concerns or problems or late pick ups call 336-716-4321.


Call: 336-716-4321 or  download a request for sample collection supplies.


Send samples by FedEx next day priority. If there is to be a Saturday delivery, it must be marked Saturday Delivery and the laboratory must be contacted.

Shipping Address

Medical Genetics Laboratory
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Hanes Building G-21
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

Label each sample with the individual’s full name and date of birth.

Include the appropriate signed test requisition form including test requested, appropriate ICD-9 code and billing instructions.

Laboratory Information and Policies

Policies Regarding Release of Patient and Medical Record – Confidentiality: This laboratory follows all HIPAA guidelines.

  1. All requests for release of clinical and laboratory information must be made by the referring physician with verification and confirmation by at least 2 patient identifiers. Should there be any concerns, a fax sheet or letter head from the physician/hospital/clinic is requested to be sent to the Medical Genetics Laboratory with 2 forms of patient identifiers. 
  2. Medical genetic clinical information is not released over the phone, faxed, or e-mailed without the information being verified by a clinical geneticist.
  3. Medical genetic laboratory information is not released over the phone, faxed, or e-mailed without the information being verified by the laboratory director.
  4. Clinical/laboratory information will be faxed to the referring physician, clinic, or hospital after confirmation. The patient identifier present on front fax sheet will consist of patient’s initials and date of birth or SS# or hospital number.
  5. Clinical information should be mailed with signed patient consent form.
  6. Clinical/laboratory testing information is not directly provided to patient, family members or non-referring physicians.  Exception: if the referring physician has given express verbal or written consent to a clinician, laboratory director or genetic counselor with verification.
  7. No clinical/laboratory information is sent to private faxes or e-mail addresses.
  8. Current laboratory testing methods and performance specifications may be sent to the referring physician or clinic/hospital upon request from the laboratory director.
  9. Laboratory test results may be released to a physician, hospital or clinic by an individual designated by the laboratory director.
  10. Any changes in laboratory testing protocols that may significantly affect interpretations will be sent to the referring physician or clinic/hospital upon request.