Real Life Nursing: Kyle De Dios Lepley, The Best is Here

Kyle De Dios LepleyKyle De Dios Lepley, BSN, RN, staff nurse/interim charge nurse, 9CC, Comprehensive Cancer Center, joined Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in August 2019. He provides direct care to a variety of patients, along with insights into their wants, needs, behaviors, health habits and concerns.

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

I made the decision to become a nurse as a freshman in high school, thanks to an impactful teacher who I keep in touch with to this day. She helped me find a career, unlike any other, that allows me to help people. It quickly became my passion. Nursing is challenging, interesting, rewarding and always evolving. I have been learning all my life, and nursing is one career that allows me to pursue that.

Why did you choose Wake Forest Baptist?

As a nursing student, I spent time doing clinical rotations here, and I can honestly say that I had never been to a hospital that was so committed to providing quality care in a safe environment. It is an internationally recognized academic medical center, which is apparent as soon as you walk through the door.

What has kept you here? 

The ninth floor of the Comprehensive Cancer Center is a 40-bed unit comprised of high-acuity, post-surgical oncology patients and is known for being one of the most challenging units in the hospital. However, my time here quickly revealed it as a place that I am truly grateful to be a part of. The shifts can be demanding but the patients are worth it. There is a sense of a family, trust and dedication that I have never experienced anywhere else. I have also come to appreciate the range of skills and nursing knowledge that you develop on a floor like this. I would not be the nurse I am today without the patients and teammates that I have met here.

Tell me about a challenge you’ve faced during your career and how it has helped you cope during tough times.

I think the biggest challenge that I, along with many other health care workers, have faced has been the pressure placed on us during the pandemic. It has been a time that many of us never prepared for. These have been scary times, but here at Wake Forest Baptist, we know that we are all in this together. It has made us all stronger, made us feel more appreciated and brought us even closer as a team. This is why I am determined every day to provide the best care possible.

What makes a nursing career successful? 

The key to a successful career in nursing is passion. This is true in many other aspects of life, but in nursing it is absolutely in a class of its own. Nursing is a demanding career, but if your passion is to take care of people, it is rewarding all the way.

What would you say to a colleague who may be thinking about leaving Wake Forest Baptist? 

I know that the time always comes when people consider moving on with their careers, and we always wish them the best. However, I also know that the “best” is here at Wake Forest Baptist. We are constantly learning, providing the best patient care and epitomizing the best teamwork that health care has to offer. These are all the things that a nurse could ever ask for.