Recruitment Referral Program

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is dedicated to finding the best talent to live our mission of improving health, elevating hope, and advancing healing. We also value our current teammates and know you are our most valuable resource in reaching potential candidates. We offer you the opportunity to be recognized for referring potential new hires for our eligible opportunities.

Prior to submitting your referral, please review the details below.

Who is eligible?

All Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist staff members on the WFBMC, WFHS and WFEP payrolls are eligible for the referral bonus, with the following exceptions:

  • Leadership (directors and above)
  • Faculty
  • Managers/supervisors involved in the hiring decision
  • Human Resources staff members
  • NEW! Managers & Directors are temporarily eligible to refer an RN, only if referral is outside of their direct department or not hiring for the role.

How it works

  • Current Teammate completes an Applicant Referral Form, including contact information for the qualified candidate.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals that may be made, and no limit to the number of referral bonuses that one person can receive.
  • In the case of duplicate referrals for the same candidate, the referral bonus will be awarded to the staff member who first submitted the referral form.
  • Referrals are active for one year after the submission date.

Candidate eligibility requirements

  • Inpatient registered nurses (NP4, staff RN level) with at least one (1) year of experience are eligible.
  • Referrals to all other eligible roles are accepted for both experienced and new grad applicants.
  • Referrals should be for positions working 20+ hours per week.


For more information about who is eligible and candidate requirements, contact