The Office of Decedent Affairs

Our Service

The Office of Decedent Affairs is designed to assist families with handling their loved one’s affairs with compassion, dignity and respect.

Our Goal

To provide guidance for families who have lost their loved ones at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Who We Are

The Office of Decedent Affairs works to ensure that all deaths are handled in a timely, caring, and thorough manner.

When a patient dies, we will assist families in providing information with regards to their options concerning autopsy, anatomical donation, and funeral home/crematory decisions. 

Read the frequently asked questions about person(s)/loved ones that die at Wake Forest Baptist or for decedents that are brought to the autopsy service under medical examiner jurisdiction. 

After the Death of a Loved One

Questions and answers concerning decedents brought to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for a Medical Examiner Autopsy