Vascular care involves medical management and surgical treatment of problems affecting circulation outside the heart and brain, especially the legs, arms, neck and kidneys. The vascular specialists at the Wake Forest Baptist Health Heart and Vascular Center perform the most advanced medical, surgical and catheter-based procedures (endovascular) available in the United States to treat vascular diseases and disorders.

Think of your vascular system as a road map and your heart as the city center. A network of arteries, veins and capillaries carries blood to and from all areas of your body. When there are roadblocks, vascular surgeons clear the way by removing blockages in arteries and veins to restore normal blood flow through the network.

Vascular surgeons help prevent strokes, repair abdominal aortic aneurysms, improve poor circulation in the legs, arms, neck and kidneys, and handle vascular trauma, and varicose veins.

With an on-site clinical vascular lab, endovascular operating room and one of the region’s few hybrid vascular and cardiac catheterization labs, we offer highly specialized facilities to care for your condition.

Our Vascular Team

Our vascular team combines board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists from both vascular surgery and vascular medicine, which is unique in the region. This team performs some of the most complex and leading edge treatments available in addition to providing routine vascular care of the highest quality.

Our team also includes the skilled physicians and staff at Congdon Heart and Vascular Center.