James Fowler - Heart Patient

February 24, 2020

Advancing heart problems had become so serious for James Fowler that his doctors suggested he make sure his funeral arrangements were in order.

Looking for hope, he turned to the team of heart specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Health. They implanted a device that stabilized his heart and kept it pumping until he could get a heart transplant. All the while, “The crew at Wake Forest Baptist made me feel right at home,” he says. “They made me feel like I could do this.” 

With a new heart, James has a new lease on life. Says James, “I’m going to see my grandson grow up!” 

Heart Patient Story - James Fowler

Proud grandparent James Fowler shares how two surgeries by heart specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Health took him from making plans for the end of his life to planning to watch his grandson grow up.