John Knowles, a former professional soccer player for Liverpool, has been facing knee pain since he was 17. By the time he was 34, he had to give up playing soccer and began to run and stay fit in other ways, until the knee pain got so intense, he couldn’t continue his active lifestyle.

“The pain was wearing us out,” John says. “We wanted to be able to do things that we weren’t able to do anymore.”

The couple went to see Dr. Steve Lucey, Wake Forest Baptist Health orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon and a former Clemson soccer player. Dr. Lucey performed a total knee arthroplasty on both John and Joan.

“We are feeling absolutely wonderful now,” John says. “If every part of our body could work as well as our knees, we would be very happy! My wife and I immediately got active again. I’m 78 years old and able to do a lot of the soccer exercises I did back when I was at Liverpool. We have full confidence in Dr. Lucey, and if I have any more joint pain, that’s where I am going.”

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