Katie Toomes - Weight Management Center Patient

April 3, 2019

How did you make the decision to visit the Weight Management Center?

I was referred to the weight management center after a consultation for surgery. I was too large for the instruments and was told I would need to lose weight. I was pondering if I wanted to do the program when I took a flight to Boston. For the first time ever, I had a hard time buckling the seatbelt on the airplane. I love traveling and have flown all over the world, so this was quite the wake-up call for me. I called the weight management center as soon as I got off the plane in Boston to make an appointment. 

Which program did you choose and why?

I ended up choosing to do the Optifast program. I knew that I needed to have the accountability piece in my journey and felt this more intensive program would provide that. I read a review online that described the Optifast program as a “break-up with food” and I knew that I needed to break the habits I had developed, and refined, for two decades.

What improvements or changes have you seen in your overall health?

I lost 90 pounds, went from a size 18 to a size 4 and no longer take any medication that is regarding my weight. Overall, I am just significantly happier. The vanity part is nice, but I find more joy in the fact I have more mobility and feel like food no longer controls my life. I hiked Mount Rainer, kayaked in Thailand and went on an adventure tour in Australia this summer. I lost so much weight, physically and mentally, and I gained freedom in my life to pursue the adventures I wanted to pursue.

What were some of your biggest challenges?

The most challenging part of the Optifast program for me was just the time commitment. I felt like the support was so scaffolded that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the food changes or the exercise changes. Thankfully, my employer worked with me to allow me to meet all my appointments and the receptionists worked hard to find appointments that matched my needs.  

What advice do you have for someone who is considering one of our programs? 

Do it! Honestly, I would spend the money, commit the time and change all my habits all over again without a second thought. This program broke the chains that food had on me. I am so much happier living freely than I ever was with any food that I indulged in. 

The program has taught me how to enjoy food in moderation and has offered me support during the process as well as after the process. When I am worried about gaining weight back or panicking over an indulging moment, the doctors and support staff are there to help me to see perspective. The maintenance program has helped transition me into maintaining my new habits while also keeping me focused on my goals.

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