Medical Weight Management is about empowering patients to make lifestyle changes that improve their health and quality of living. With one-on-one help from our specialized weight loss team - medical providers and nutritionists to dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral health staff - you will learn how to overcome daily challenges and address underlying issues that contribute to your struggle with obesity.

Medical Weight Management Overview

Hear about the various programs offered by the Weight Management Center. 

Our By Design Medical Weight Management programs are not just diet and exercise plan. We offer an innovative and comprehensive approach to weight loss and lifelong health that treats the whole person. And because the process is doctor-supervised, you can feel confident that you are making changes that make sense for you, your body and your medical history.

We offer two Medical Weight Management program options:

Is By Design Medical Weight Management Right for Me?

You don't need to qualify as obese to participate in our program. Anyone struggling with weight issues may join. Use our BMI Calculator.

For many people, By Design Medical Weight Management is an attractive option because it empowers them to lead healthier lives. They may also feel more confident with this option because it is doctor-supervised and involves a team of weight-loss experts, including a nutritionist and fitness specialist.

Some of our patients may participate in the program as preparation for Weight Loss Surgery.

By Design Medical Weight Management: What to Expect

Every incoming patient will undergo a thorough evaluation in four areas:

  • Medical provider: Doctor will order blood tests to check for issues such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction; measure patient's metabolic rate; discuss medical/family history
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral/psychological

Your personalized By Design Medical Weight Management program may include:

  • Fitness training and exercise plan development
  • Personalized food plans and support from our nutritionists
  • By Design OPTIFAST meal replacements
  • Individual and group support
  • Behavior modification or psychological counseling
  • Medications
  • Access to specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Health, a leading academic medical center, for treatment of related health problems

By Design Medical Weight Management: What is Behavior Modification?

We understand that weight problems are about more than just the right diet or exercise plan. Many people know what to do, but getting it done for more than a few days in a row is the hard part. We offer all our Medical Weight Management patients a behavioral evaluation and make sure they get the support they need.

The Weight Management Center has a behavioral health team that includes psychologists who specialize in helping people identify and overcome the barriers that prohibit them from a healthier lifestyle. Our behavioral approach uses both individual and group counseling techniques to help you build skills that keep you successful long term. This approach is the difference between limited, fleeting weight loss and larger, long term weight loss. 

By Design Medical Weight Management: What About Exercise?

A fitness plan that is not ideal for you is not only frustrating, it can also cause you to dislike exercise and even lead to injury. Our staff at the Weight Management Center will create an exercise plan that complements your Medical Weight Management program, maximizing the effectiveness of your exercise program and weight loss results.

Our private fitness studio is the perfect place for you to get comfortable with the idea of regular exercise. Without the distractions of body builders and spandex, you can be yourself and find the right pace for you. And because you are in a medically-supervised program, you can feel safe about exercise even if you have other medical problems.