Ron Chamblin - Headache Program Patient

Ron Chamblin was on a family vacation at the beach the first time he experienced a cluster headache.  “I had never had a pain like that. It was devastating. I didn’t know what had taken place, I didn’t know if something serious was wrong.” 

The remarkable pain, which he later found out was a cluster headache, felt like a knife stabbing into his eye. He tried to continue his daily life, but if one of his recurring cluster headaches came on, he would completely shut down until it was over with. Ron would worry about going to work or going to sleep, living in fear that he would have another headache. “I wasn’t sure how long I was going to make it,” Ron said.

Ron was nervous about going to a neurologist, but it wasn’t until he saw Dr. Juline Bryson that he was able to find the treatments he needed to stop the pain. “I saw her that one time, and haven’t had one headache since.” After just one visit to the Wake Forest Baptist Health Headache Program, Ron Chamblin was able to stop the unbearable pain from cluster headaches.

Patient Story - Ron Chamblin

One visit to the Headache Program and Ron Chamblin was able to get the treatment he needed to stop his debilitating cluster headaches.