If you have a blood cancer or a blood disorder, cellular therapy may be an effective treatment option. Wake Forest Baptist's Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only center in the region to offer CAR T-cell therapy, and only one of four centers in North Carolina.

Why Choose Wake Forest Baptist

We are one of only three NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in North Carolina accredited to provide cellular therapy by the Foundation for Accreditation for Cellular Therapy.

We have been offering lymphoma patients world-class care and innovative treatments through our Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program for years and we are proud to be among the select cancer hospitals to offer CAR T-cell therapy.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center is a designated Center of Excellence for our Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy program by four major health care insurers; Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem, OptumHealth, and Cigna.

CAR T-Cell Treatment Process

CAR T-cell therapy is a multi-step process that involves using your own t-cells to help your body fight disease.

  • T-cells are removed through a procedure called apheresis, where blood is drawn from your body and the T-cells are separated and removed from your blood. The remaining blood is returned to your body.
  • The extracted T-cells are sent to a specialized off-site lab where experts attach a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) to the T-cells. This enhancement supercharges your immune cells to more effectively identify and destroy cancer cells. This process will take approximately three weeks. 
  • When the T-cells have been enhanced and you are ready for the procedure, the CAR T-cells will be infused back into your bloodstream where they can multiple and attack your cancer cells.
  • You will be closely monitored by your medical care team following the infusion process to ensure your body is responding positively and to manage any side effects or complications.

When you need cancer care, our multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists and care providers are focused on identifying the most effective treatment options for your cancer and providing cancer support services for you and your family.