The pulmonary valve is the heart valve that allows blood to flow from the right ventricle to the lungs.

When a pulmonary valve doesn’t function properly, it can be life-threatening. Replacing the diseased valve can restore good blood flow. However, children can outgrow their replacement valves and need repeat surgeries to replace them. Adults with leaky replacement valves may need additional surgeries as well.

The Melody® valve is the first FDA-approved valve of its kind, supporting a lifetime of pulmonary valve disease management with just one replacement procedure.

The Melody valve is a specially designed valve that can adjust to fit a variety of sizes. The full-size valve allows for treatment in adults. Children receive a cinched down version. Advanced technology allows your provider to adjust the valve as your child grows without needing to perform additional surgeries.

Melody Valve Placement Surgery: What to Expect

Before your surgery, you will receive medication to put you to sleep and ease any discomfort.

Your interventional cardiologist makes an incision in your artery and inserts a thin, spaghetti-like tube (catheter) that has a balloon at the tip with the Melody valve attached.

The balloon is inflated to open up the Melody valve and place it into position. Your doctor then deflates and removes the balloon and catheter.

The Melody valve immediately replaces your old heart valve. Your doctor can adjust the valve using further catheter-based procedures.