About Axesse ™ Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) is a radiation treatment that offers highly accurate targeting of tumors and lesions virtually anywhere in the body. Typically requiring only 1 – 5 treatments, it achieves excellent results in fewer treatments than required by standard radiotherapy. That means more convenience for our patients and a faster return to daily activities with no discomfort and no hospital stay.

Our highly trained radiation oncologists and physicists are among the most respected in the country, and work as a team to deliver advanced radiation treatment for cancer patient. Their expertise, combined with the multiple energy sources offered by the system, allow planning and delivery of the most effective and accurate treatment to the patient.

Benefits of SBRT

The Elekta Axesse™ SBRT linear accelerator combines 3-D image guidance with highly conformal beam shaping and robotic 6-D patient positioning to deliver fast, effective and accurate treatments. Other benefits include:

  • Increased sparing of normal tissue through improved accuracy over standard therapy
  • 4-D image guidance and 6-D patient positioning
  • Radiation dose escalation with improved local control
  • Shortened radiation treatment course increases patient convenience

Since even the slightest patient movement can impact the accuracy of a dose, other technologies can require that, when a patient moves at all, the treatment be interrupted so the patient can be repositioned. With Axesse, the unit’s built-in CT imaging can compensate for patient motion, allowing a more conformal dose in less time.