Community Collaborative

The Community Collaborative is a cross-functional initiative that explores, connects, and enhances Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s efforts around trust building and caring for teammates, patients, learners, and our community.

*The Community Collaborative initiated from the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Cabinet in 2019. It connects key bodies of work around Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, health equity, social impact, philanthropy, and community-driven health work. 

Operational Pillars

  • Cross-Functional Sharing & Connection – Provides space across the system to share work/plans, best practices, and impact, as well as opportunities to connect assets and work for greater impact 
  • Elevation of the Voice of Stakeholders – Serves as a constant listener that synthesizes and elevates critical issues and opportunities to leadership 
  • Think Tank – Provides a flexible structure to creatively tackle systems change efforts and serves as a mechanism for teammates, learners, and community members to bring ideas and challenges that can benefit from diverse perspectives
  • Materiality – Develops relevant Emblematic Projects and models for impact based on stakeholder input tied to organizational goals/objectives, including Culture Commitments and the Change Agenda for Racial Equity
  • Communications – Serves as a communications hub for work centered around trust and caring for community, leveraging the Community Collaborative website
  • Representation – The Community Collaborative benefits from a diverse representation of JEDI/DEI, health equity, social impact, philanthropy, research, People Team, marketing and communications leaders and beyond who work in partnership with community members and community-driven work aimed at better health outcomes for ALL. 

Current Emblematic Projects

  1. Community Collaborative Website – The Community Collaborative website is a critical co-created tool that shares collectively how we care for one another. It is also a place where teammates, patients, learners, and community can connect, engage, and/or initiate/deepen work centered around trust building and caring for our community.
  2. Past/Present/Future Docu-Series – A docu-series about how understanding our past, as well as the present work we do contributes to providing the best care for ALL today and in the future.
  3. Year of Belonging/Trust Initiative - Partnership to drive trust-focused initiatives that advance Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategies, the Change Agenda for Racial Equity, and community-driven health work.

For more information or questions regarding the Community Collaborative, contact us here