Strategic Sourcing

As a division of resource management, we are focused on the supply chain activities for the Medical Center. Within strategic sourcing, different teams exist to meet the needs of our internal customers and external partners, including purchasing, contract administration, and resource management information systems.


The purchasing team is responsible for ensuring that all requisitions for supplies, equipment, and services are issued to vendors and fulfilled in a timely manner.  The purchasing team is aligned by department to ensure each department has a single point of contact for day-to-day procurement activities.

Capital equipment purchasing is focused on the procurement and contracting for large capital purchases. Purchasing agents ensure equipment purchased complies with organizational equipment standards and specifications for interoperability with systems already in use.

Pamala Branscum, Strategic Sourcing Manager (Purchasing)

Contract Administration

Contracting is responsible for ensuring that long-term and competitive agreements for supplies, services, and equipment are reached between the Medical Center and vendors. Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) and Requests for Quote (RFQ’s) are routinely conducted by contracting team to solicit competitive pricing and service from vendors. Agreements for new products and services are coordinated between Contracting, Value Analysis, and appropriate end-users.

Beth Yates, Strategic Sourcing Manager (Contract Administration)

Resource Management Information Systems, Data and Analytics

The Data and Analytics team is responsible for the protection and integrity of all data in the PeopleSoft Materials Management Information System. This team also supports internal decision making by providing analytical support for data-driven decision making.

Tracy Stevenson, Supply Chain Process Program Manager


Hunter Chandler, Director Supply Chain Information Systems 

Conrad Emmerich, Senior Vice President of Business Services

Marissa Farabough, AVP Supply Chain and Support Services

Jonathan Kepley, Director of Strategic Sourcing