Supply Chain Operations

Our mission is to provide all customers with the maximum level of support for both clinical and general needs. We strive to provide prompt, efficient service and proactively work to identify institutional needs before they occur.

Four distinct departments make up supply chain operations at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. They include store room, receiving, material disposition and central service (which includes centralized equipment distribution). Supply chain operations is directed by Karen Carter.

Central Service

Central service is responsible for the reprocessing of reusable supplies used throughout the inpatient and outpatient areas. This is to include, but not limited to, procedure trays, individual instruments, basin sets, OR linens, and others.

In addition, central service houses the centralized equipment distribution program which is responsible for portable patient care equipment, such as patient beds (both specialty and routine), patient therapy devices (IV pumps, PCA pumps, temporary pacemakers, etc.) and routine patient items (PPE carts, hampers, chairs, etc.).

General Stores

General stores is responsible for the receiving, storage, and distribution of medical supplies for the Medical Center. This is accomplished through par stock, over the counter issues, and computer orders sent to our dept. The external courier service, which picks up and delivers items for the Medical Center also works out of general stores.


Receiving is responsible for receiving and delivery of all non-store room items and equipment, with the exception of food products and pharmaceuticals. These items include items shipped to and from the Medical Center from suppliers, repair facilities, and departments of the hospital. The receiving department also coordinates the inspection of all electrical items with engineering and tags hospital assets.

Material Disposition

Material disposition is responsible for the removal of all furniture, apparatuses and equipment from the hospital that has been declared surplus. The items removed can be incorporated back into the hospital, sold, donated or discarded. Material disposition handles all computer equipment, monitors, printers and electronic waste from all departments throughout the Medical Center regardless of location.