Current and Past Residents

Current Residents 

Ashley HutchisonAshley Hutchison, PharmD, 2022

I was fortunate to complete my advanced pharmacy practice experiences within Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. The teaching environment, collaborative practices, and overall family feel within this system stood out to me. Wake Forest Baptist offers abundant patient resources with the ability to tailor health services throughout their care. I knew that I wanted to join in this advancing endeavor and become a part of the patient-focused team. I was drawn to the community-based program on account of the numerous opportunities, unique learning experiences, and people. The people really make this program and I feel the support every day. This is such an encouraging environment in which to grow and I cannot see myself anywhere else! 

Chris BatistaChris Batista, PharmD, 2022

Being someone who has lived in the Northeast all my life, I had this initial perception that moving to NC would be a difficult change. However, once I arrived at Wake Forest Baptist, my coworkers and all the staff have made it very easy to change that perception for the better! The warm, family atmosphere here at Wake Forest Baptist is one aspect that immediately drew my initial interest to the program, especially after talking with current residents and preceptors, and it is one that has immensely surpassed my expectations once I finally joined the team here. I believe that Wake Forest Baptist’s Community-Based residency program offers imperative learning experiences that help us to not only enhance our duties as community pharmacists, but these experiences also offer the opportunity to watch yourself grow over the course of a year through your own self-reflection and supportive feedback from colleagues. Experiences in areas such as specialty pharmacy, population health, and pharmacy care clinics help expand our role as community pharmacists beyond the prescription dispensing role as well as help in the development of important leadership skills that have such an impact on the Wake community. For this, I am beyond grateful to call Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center my home!

Sydney WootenSydney Wooten, PharmD, 2022 

When I was looking at residency programs, I was looking for a place that would provide me with ample opportunities to be diverse in my career. Wake Forest Baptist met all those requirements and exceeded my expectations at the same time. In addition to this variety, I also could sense a feeling of unity and connectedness among preceptors throughout my interview process. In that moment I knew that this was an environment and a family that I wanted to be part of my future. Through this supportive environment, I knew I would get feedback throughout my time here that would propel me forward and allow me to reach my full potential. This truly was the best decision of my career.

Past Residents

Christine Barthen
Christine Barthen, PharmD, 2021

When I began looking at residency programs, I was looking for a robust program that would offer me a variety of learning experiences within the community pharmacy realm. For someone who was not entirely sure what path they wanted to pursue within community pharmacy, the variety of rotational and longitudinal opportunities that the Community-Based program offered was very exciting to me. Experiences in specialty pharmacy, ambulatory care, and research aligned perfectly with my interests. After first meeting members of the pharmacy team during my interview, I was sold on the program. I quickly learned that a residency program at a teaching institution and being a part of the Wake Forest Baptist system fostered a great learning environment. I have been impressed with the involvement of pharmacists in leadership positions, staff pharmacists, and technicians in the residency program. Members of the pharmacy team are accustomed to teaching new hires, pharmacy students, and the pharmacy residents. Ultimately, the elements of the program itself, the people, and the environment is what led to me to move away from my family and continue my pharmacy career in a new place!

Chandler Combs

Chandler Combs, PharmD, 2021

Honestly, one of the main reasons I came back to do a residency was because I looked at Wake Forest Baptist originally and loved this program in particular. I was searching for community based residencies that weren’t your typical community program because I already had experience in the independent pharmacy field. On paper, Wake Forest Baptist had everything that I wanted. It provided a variety of experiences – specialty, population health, pharmacy care clinic, embedded specialty clinics – in addition to a unique community learning experience. I knew it would help me grow clinically in the outpatient setting and would allow me to use my strengths to my advantage. Once I interviewed, I could tell that it was definitely the program that I wanted to be at. The people at Wake Forest Baptist are so supportive and are dedicated to mentoring you to be the best practitioner you can be. I really wanted a program that challenged me clinically, allowed me to grow my leadership style and provided support at all levels of leadership and I have not been disappointed. Residency thus far has been a great experience and I can’t imagine being anywhere else but Wake Forest Baptist! 

Buzz Custer

Buzz Custer, PharmD, 2021

As a fourth-year pharmacy student, I had the opportunity to complete the majority of my rotations through Wake Forest Baptist. During this time, I was able to see, first-hand, the profound patient care experiences, unique learning opportunities, and overall impact the community-based residents had. I was also able to see pharmacy team members, preceptors, and leaders value the work, knowledge, and expertise of the residents. The support each resident received made it obvious the pharmacy team was invested in their success. The learning experiences expanded beyond the dispensing role of a community pharmacist – including population health, home visits, specialty pharmacy, and others. However, as I reflected on where I pictured myself as a resident, there was a recurring theme about Wake Forest Baptist – the people. From the previous residents, the preceptors, the leadership – the people of Wake Forest Baptist are what makes this program stand alone. 

Tony Cope, PharmD

Tony Cope, PharmD, 2020

During pharmacy school, I had the opportunity to experience the impact community pharmacists could have when they actively engage their patients and work to impact patient health beyond prescription pick-up. Whether this was through home visits to provide additional counseling, providing education about Medicare Part D plans, or optimizing medication regimens to increase adherence, I had seen how much a pharmacist could do when they put the time into making a difference. Taking what I had experienced before, I began looking for residency programs that had a similar focus of enhancing patient care from multiple angles. As I looked through community residency programs, Wake stood alone in the variety of experiences available. Many other community programs were single site and I knew that Wake Forest Baptist would provide me the most exposure to different practice environments and opportunities for community pharmacists. Additionally, having grown up in this area, I was familiar with Wake Forest Baptist and how much the health system had expanded over the last few years. Lastly, after meeting some of the previous residents and hearing about their experiences here and their goals after residency, I knew I wanted to be at Wake Forest Baptist.

Arkeia Pruitt, PharmD

Arkeia Pruitt, PharmD, 2020

My interest in healthcare began at a young age after growing up with a sister who had congenital heart disease. As I went through pharmacy school, I developed a passion for the management of chronic disease states in community and ambulatory care settings. I was drawn to Wake Forest Baptist by the plethora of learning experiences available in various outpatient pharmacies and clinics. I immediately knew I belonged at Wake Forest Baptist after interviewing with the pharmacy team. The atmosphere was filled with support and diversity. Pharmacists at Wake Forest Baptist have the capacity to drive new programs and services that improve patient outcomes and advance community pharmacy. Wake Forest Baptist provides the innovative environment that will challenge me to escape my comfort zone to grow into a great pharmacist and leader for my patients and colleagues. I am blessed to be a part of Wake Forest Baptist's pharmily!

Natasha Stroedecke, PharmD

Natasha Stroedecke, PharmD, 2020

Moving away from my family was a hard decision, but after meeting everyone at Wake Forest Baptist during midyear and my interviews I knew it was the home for me. One of the biggest draws for me to this program was the opportunity to partake in home based primary care visits. In addition to this unique experience, the atmosphere in this institution is infectious. People working around you are invested in educating residents to be the best professionals that they can be and truly value the opportunities they are given. The dedication to our patients is seen in every inch of the hospital from surgery teams to the housekeeping staff. I knew I wanted to be in a place like this. 

 Kirklin Bowles, PharmD

Kirklin Bowles, PharmD, 2019

As a pharmacy student, I had the opportunity to work as an outpatient pharmacy technician at North Tower Pharmacy (NTP). After three years of experience in NTP I developed a passion for community pharmacy and Wake Forest Baptist. Unlike most, I really enjoyed the high pace atmosphere and the continuous effort being put forth to provide excellent care for our patients and employees. Working as a technician I was fortunate to gain exposure to the Discharge Prescription Services (DPS) provided at Wake Forest Baptist. Through this exposure, I came to find a passion for assisting patients in their transition from the hospital to their home. I found DPS to be extremely valuable for our patients. Discovering my passion to practice in the community setting lead to my pursuit of an innovative community pharmacy residency program that would challenge me to become a well-versed community pharmacist. Being embedded in a large academic medical center, I felt the community pharmacy landscape at Wake Forest Baptist would provide me with the tools to develop as a pharmacist and pursue my desires. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had through Wake Forest Baptist, and I am extremely blessed to continue serving our patients through our outpatient pharmacy services.

Tiffany Sherod-Harris, PharmD

Tiffany Sherod-Harris, PharmD

Understanding early on that I wanted a career in healthcare, I knew pharmacy was where I belonged. My passions are to diminish health care disparities and increase health literacy one patient at a time.  Attending Midyear during my last year in pharmacy school provided me the opportunity to experience the dynamic culture at Wake Forest Baptist. The genuineness and friendliness I experienced during midyear was reciprocated when I was able to interview here for my current residency position. Walking through the doors of Wake Forest Baptist changed my life tremendously, especially with being unfamiliar with the area and not knowing anyone in the area; however, I knew it was where I needed to be at this stage in my life. Wake Forest Baptist ensured that I would have a multitude of exclusive outpatient community and ambulatory experiences. These experiences continue to fulfill my personal and professional goals. The opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines and work alongside other pharmacists will continue to allow me to grow in the challenges I am faced with in the ever-changing world of healthcare. I am blessed that I was able to join Wake Forest Baptist and look forward to making memories with my awesome Pharmily!

Amy Stewart, PharmD

Amy Stewart, PharmD

When I think of pharmacy, I think of leadership, compassion, and most importantly, interpersonal relationships. Pharmacy encompasses such core values, which is why I chose to pursue this profession. My interests in pharmacy include community pharmacy, ambulatory care, and transitions of care. Wake Forest Baptist has given me the opportunity to explore each of my pharmacy interests through their diverse and unique rotational program. I will rotate through ambulatory care clinics, specialty pharmacies, community pharmacies, transitions of care, and take on several longitudinal projects (e.g. home based primary care, population health chart reviews, and quality improvement projects). At Wake Forest Baptist, I will experience various environments of outpatient pharmacy and receive the quality feedback and support I need to grow into the best pharmacist I can be.