Many different disorders can affect your voice, ranging from “lumps and bumps” on your vocal folds, tension in the muscles surrounding your vocal folds, and neurologic voice conditions. Voice problems may also arise due to functional changes resulting from overuse and misuse of the vocal system. Symptoms of voice disorders may include abnormal voice quality and even throat discomfort, making it difficult to communicate with others or complete necessary job functions.

If you have a voice change that lasts for more than two weeks, your healthcare provider may refer you to a throat specialist called an otolaryngologist (Ears, Nose and Throat specialist or ENT). The otolaryngologist will collect information regarding your medical history and may perform an exam called flexible laryngoscopy to view the larynx (voice box) in action. In most cases, a more detailed examination of the voice box called video laryngostroboscopy is required to identify the cause or causes of voice disorders. 

Symptoms of Voice Disorders 

Symptoms of a voice disorder, also known as dysphonia, may include: 

  • Hoarseness/raspiness 
  • Pitch that is higher or lower than normal 
  • Change in volume/loudness 
  • Increased effort associated with speaking or singing 
  • Voice fatigues easily 
  • Voice loss 
  • Throat discomfort 
  • Chronic throat clearing 

Specialty Voice Care at our Miller Plaza Location

Voice and Swallowing Disorders GroupThe Voice and Swallowing Center, located at Miller Plaza in Winston-Salem, NC is the only multidisciplinary voice center in the region, consisting of two fellowship-trained laryngologists and two voice-specialized speech-language pathologists who have the advanced training and skills necessary to diagnose and treat your voice condition. At this location, you will be evaluated by a laryngologist and voice pathologist, often on the same day for a comprehensive one-stop evaluation. During your initial visit, expect to undergo two state-of-the-art voice assessments: video laryngostroboscopy and a perceptual, acoustic, and aerodynamic voice evaluation

Your Voice Matters: Why seek care from our multidisciplinary team 

Whether you are a classically trained professional singer, call center representative, attorney, educator, or caregiver, we realize everyone depends on a reliable voice in the course of everyday life. Our voice team also understands that your voice is often more than just a means of communication – it can reflect your identity, be part of your sense of self, and a means of artistic expression. When your voice is your livelihood, hoarseness can be life-altering. Throughout the evaluation process, our specialized voice team will work with you to create an individualized plan of care to improve your voice, communication, and quality of life. Click the links below for more information on common voice disorders treated at our multidisciplinary voice center:

Voice Treatments offered at the Voice and Swallowing Center

Use the links below for more information on available treatments and surgical interventions offered at our multidisciplinary voice center: