Also known as otolaryngology, ENT/Head and Neck surgeons are specialists dedicated to the diagnosis and management of disorders affecting the ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

Our otolaryngologists are highly experienced and have advanced medical training, hands-on experience, and access to the latest technology and research to diagnose, manage and treat all conditions of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck through a multidisciplinary team approach.

Specialized Expertise

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Head and Neck Cancer

We are leaders in head and neck cancer, treating one of the largest volumes of patients in the Southeastern United States. Our multidisciplinary approach means our surgeons work together with other Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist head and neck cancer specialists to create a comprehensive treatment plan.


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Otology (ear surgery and disease)

Specializing in a wide range of conditions and procedures such as hearing loss, ear malformations, balance disorders, skull base tumors, and cochlear implants, our board-certified otologists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the ear and related structures.


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Rhinology (nasal and sinus disorders)

We offer the most advanced treatments from nationally recognized board­-certified rhinology specialists with advanced training and expertise in nasal and sinus disorders. Whether you suffer from simple or complex nose or sinus problems, our specialists have the medical and surgical expertise to diagnose and manage your condition.


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Laryngology (voice, swallowing and upper airway)

Our board-certified and fellowship trained laryngologists specialize in disorders and injuries of the larynx and throat. They are nationally and internationally recognized for their clinical expertise, cutting edge surgical treatments, and research in voice, swallowing, and upper airway disorders at the region's only Voice and Swallowing Center of its kind.