The cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides sound to patients with severe to profound hearing loss. The device often helps individuals who do not benefit from traditional hearing aids.

The cochlear implant consists of 2 parts: an internally implanted device and externally worn processor. The device is typically implanted in only one ear, but may be implanted on both sides in certain situations, especially in pediatric patients.

An otologist surgically implants the internal component of the cochlear implant and an audiologist then programs the external device. Initial activation of the external device occurs about 4 weeks following surgery.

After activation, we continue to work closely with you to ensure that your cochlear implant is functioning properly and at the optimum level. We also conduct periodic evaluations to monitor your progress and plan for rehabilitation and educational needs.

Implantable devices are not considered hearing aids by the Food and Drug Administration and may be a covered insurance benefit.

Multidisciplinary Cochlear Implant Team

At Wake Forest Baptist Health, we specialize in cochlear implant surgery in both children and adults. Our team of audiologists, otologists and speech-language pathologists work together to determine if a cochlear implant can help you overcome your hearing impairment.