Instructor Information

All Instructors

Effective February 1st, 2021: All AHA Instructors must be teaching new, 2020 Guidelines healthcare courses (BLS, ACLS, and PALS) using 2020 Guidelines course materials. Rosters will not be accepted by any AHA Instructor that has not completed their 2020 Guideline Instructor Update. 

Effective May 1, 2018, the Wake Forest Baptist Community Training Center has moved to electronic course completion cards (eCards). An eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and will be used as an alternative to the printed card. The CTC will no longer print paper cards. 

To implement this process, all instructors must obtain and validate the E-mail addresses from all students. The AHA rosters have been changed to include the student E-mail address.

eCard Info:

  • The eCard will go directly to the student's E-mail, not to the instructor.
  • The student will be responsible for obtaining their own eCard. They are also responsible for presenting their card to their managers/employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course.
  • The instructor will not be notified when the eCards are sent to their students.
  • Students need to be informed to allow 20 business days for their eCard to arrive. If students do not receive their card in 20 days, please encourage them to visit, where they can find their card once processed through our system, using the First/Last Name and email address they provided to their instructor.
  • Inform the students that they can print the card or save it on their electronic device. 
  • If the student submits an incorrect or misspelled email address or name, there will be a service charge of $10 to obtain another card.
  • Like printed cards, eCards expire two years from the issue date.

New Instructors

All instructors who are new to our Training Center must complete affiliation forms and other requirements in no more than 30 days from the first date of intent to affiliate with Wake Forest Baptist’s CTC.

  • For those who transfer from another Training Center, copies of former CTC records and instructor card(s) must be received with the $40 new affiliation fee and application. Affiliation fees are paid online here
  • For new instructors completing Instructor Courses, applications, fees and Core Instructor Course certificates must be brought to the classroom portion of the Instructor Course, if participating in a Wake Forest Baptist CTC sponsored course.
  • For anyone planning to take an instructor course outside the Wake Forest Baptist CTC and seeking affiliation with Wake Forest Baptist CTC, you must receive written pre-course acceptance from our CTC.

In these three instances, the instructor must be monitored while teaching an official AHA course no later than 30 days from the beginning of the process. Any instructor who does not adhere to these standards and guidelines will have any and all affiliation/application materials discarded after 30 days. This can adversely affect any further attempt to affiliate with Wake Forest Baptist’s Training Center.

AHA Instructors

AHA Instructors: Please remember that instructors have 10 days to get their rosters turned into the CTC. This allows the CTC to process the roster and return the card to the participate within a 20 day period. 

Card Cost

  • BLS - $4
  • ACLS & PALS cards are $7
  • Heartsaver Cards (Heartsaver AED, Heartsaver First Aid, Heartsaver First Aid with CPR & AED and Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid with CPR & AED) - $17

The replacement fee for lost/stolen card is still $10 each.   

Any new instructor who joins the Community Training Center will pay an affiliation fee of $40. Re-Affiliation Fees for each year is $30, due January 31st. Affiliation fees are paid online here.

Alert to BLS Instructors

Please make sure that all topics are covered when teaching Healthcare Provider (bag valve mask, barrier devices, choking and AED). Participants must be timed during their 5 cycles of compression's to breaths, 30:2. 

Any instructor who sends in an incomplete roster will receive notification. On the third occurrence within six months, the roster will be returned to the instructor without giving class credit and no issuance of cards. 

Additional Instructor Information

Please remember that part of your job as an AHA instructor is to decontaminate your manikins. It is in your manuals on how to clean and decontaminate manikins. It even gives you the solution of what to mix. It is important to remember that if we don’t clean them it is an OSHA VIOLATION. Secondly, we can all remember from Science class 101 that BACTERIA loves MOISTURE. The end result is not only nastiness, but sickness for people who use those manikins. Thank you for you cooperation.

Any Roster received in the Training Center without the evaluation summary attached will be returned to the instructor without cards. 

Heartsaver First Aid Instructors

Many instructors have inquired about getting renewal Heartsaver First Aid Instructor cards. Under the 2015 ECC Guidelines, if a BLS Instructor has a current BLS Instructor card, he or she is able to teach any class under the BLS umbrella (except BCLS Instructor courses and rollouts) with just the one card. The instructor should teach at least four Heartsaver First Aid or Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid classes in a two year period. 

Alert to BLS Instructors: Please make sure that all topics are covered when teaching Healthcare Provider (bag valve mask, barrier devices, choking and AED). Participants must be timed during their 5 cycles of compressions to breaths, 30:2. Heartsaver cards are $17 each.

Important Reminder

All instructors need to make sure they are in ratio when teaching classes. No more than 8 students per instructor in a single class.


In order to be in compliance with the American Heart Association, it is imperative that all instructors use the most current version of the AHA Course roster (see below for complete list of roster forms).

We ask that all rosters be completed fully and submitted on time. Each class requires its own roster. All rosters submitted to the CTC must be in a typed format.

We no longer accept faxed or mailed rosters. Email each roster to as each class is completed so that we can receive them no more than 10 days after completion.

The AHA guidelines allow 20 days for issuance of course cards from the time the CTC receives your completed roster. We also have to submit participant counts to the AHA on the 10th of the month. Therefore, the CTC will need rosters emailed no later than 24 hours after course completion. This is necessary to maintain a quick card turnaround and accurate participant counts.

On the first and second occurrences of a late roster the instructor will receive cards and/or credit for the class along with a warning letter explaining how important it is to turn in rosters on time.

On the third occurrence in a six month period the roster will be returned to the instructor without cards and without credit for the class. This can jeopardize your AHA instructor status.

Course Approval

Instructors must submit a Course Approval Form no later than 30 days prior to any Instructor Course.

Once you have received approval for your course you must turn in the following or your rosters will be returned:

  • AHA Rosters Pages 1 & 2
  • Complete list of instructors and topics taught (we strongly recommend you use the Page 1 Supplement for this)
  • Summarized Course Evaluation - please do not send us individual evaluations from your students (See sample evaluations below)
  • Course agenda if different from agenda turned in with original Course Approval Form

Important Forms

Roster Forms



New Instructor Forms

Instructor Monitoring Form

Instructor Candidate Application

Instructor/TCF Teaching Activity Notice to Primary CTC

Instructor Records Transfer Request

Affiliation Forms

New Affiliation Application

Evaluation Forms

BLS Course Evaluation

First Aid Course Evaluation Form

Heartsaver Evaluation Form

Alternate Course Evaluation

AHA 2020 Guideline Course Materials

AHA 2020 BLS Healthcare Provider & HeartCode Materials

BLS Equipment List

BLS Infant CPR Skills Testing Checklist

BLS Dynamics Diagram

Components of BLS

Summary of High-Quality CPR Components for BLS Providers

ACLS 2020 Course Materials

ACLS Case Scenario Template

ACLS Code Timer Recorder Sheet

ACLS Learning Station Checklists

ACLS Megacode Testing Checklists

ACLS Megacode Testing Scenarios

ACLS Sample Agenda for Traditional Course

ACLS Sample Agenda

ACLS Sample Outline for Heartcode

PALS 2020 Course Bridge Materials

PALS Airway Skills Station Competency

PALS Case Scenarios

PALS Management of Shock Emergencies

PALS Management of Respiratory Emergencies

PALS Rhythm Disturbance Competency Checklist

PALS Sample Agenda for Traditional Course

PALS Sample Agenda


Adult CPR and AED Skills Testing Checklist

Adult CPR and AED Skills Testing Critical Skills Descriptors

Airway Management Skills Testing Checklist

HeartCode Courses

AHA Logo Utilization Disclaimer

If you coordinate a course and are charging a course fee, the following Disclaimer MUST be printed on all Training Center promotional brochures, announcements, bottom of agendas and any other materials distributed to students.

“The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, and PALS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials; do not represent income to the Association.”