About Me

I am a sports medicine physician with a background in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I approach sports medicine with a biomechanics interest and try to understand the complete story of an athlete’s injury. Is there a strength or flexibility deficit? Is there something about the way the athlete moves, throws, runs, etc., that is placing him or her at risk? Using this technique, my goal is to treat not only the current injury but also prevent them in the future.  

In addition to working with athletes, I have a special interest in Performing Arts Medicine and have spent years working with dancers, musicians, actors, and vocalists. They, too, place high demands on their bodies and deserve to have a physician who “speaks their language” and can assist them when injuries occur.  

Wake Forest Baptist Physician - David Michael Popoli, MD

David Michael Popoli, MD specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.