Cardiologists are doctors who deal with diseases and abnormalities of your heart and its arteries and blood vessels.

There are many types of heart doctors. All help prevent, diagnose, treat and manage various heart and blood vessel diseases and disorders. Each heart doctor is trained in one or more subspecialties:

At Wake Forest Baptist’s Heart and Vascular Center, our cardiologists provide the latest advances in heart care. Our experts have extensive experience in advanced cardiac care including heart transplants, heart valve replacements, heart disease, heart attacks, congestive heart failure and congenital problems such as holes in the heart.

Your primary care physician or emergency physician may refer you to a cardiologist. The cardiologist will determine the frequency of your cardiac care follow-ups. You may self-refer to a cardiologist; however, the cardiologist will request to receive medical records from your previous cardiologist or primary care physician.

If you are referred to Wake Forest Baptist Health, you'll be assigned an attending cardiologist who will become the key contact for you, your family and your referring physician. Your cardiologist will stay in close communication with you and your primary care physician to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to care.

Cardiology Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (rehab) program at Wake Forest Baptist is designed to help you improve your daily life and maintain your independence. Our program is certified by the state of North Carolina and the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Wake Forest Baptist has the first cardiac rehab program in North Carolina and one of the first in the United States.

Our team of experts develops customized programs to help patients recovering from heart and lung problems stay healthy.

Heart Disease Prevention

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Prevention is a key aspect of the care we provide to our patients. Heart screenings are often the best way to determine your risk factors and catch symptoms of heart disease early on. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your individual risk factors by specialists in diet, exercise and hypertension. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan to monitor your risk and help you live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Congenital Heart Disease Management

Congenital heart defects are abnormalities in the heart and surrounding structures that a child is born with. The Pediatric Heart Program at Brenner Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive pediatric heart care and sophisticated treatments for children with all types of congenital heart conditions.

Our close collaboration between pediatric and adult care will help young patients diagnosed with congenital heart disease transition seamlessly to adult care as they grow.

Structural Heart Disease Management

There are different kinds of structural heart disease and many ways to treat it. We helped test and pioneer the best available devices for structural heart disease. We have experts in the growing field of minimally invasive transcatheter interventions to repair and replace heart valves.