Specimen Collection Transportation

Radioactive Specimens

Wake Forest Baptist Health Diagnostic Laboratories does not routinely test specimens for background radioactivity. Because radioactivity may interfere with the results of radioimmunoassay, any specimens taken from patients with radioactive tracers or material should be clearly labeled.

Referral Testing

For any tests that Wake Forest Baptist Health Diagnostic Laboratories cannot perform, we may select a qualified, licensed alternative laboratory. If you have a specific outside laboratory you would prefer we use, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss your request.

In the event that we must refer your test to another laboratory, we will bill you for the test at the price we are charged for it but will not add on any additional service fees.

Reflex Testing

Some abnormal test results may prompt the ordering of additional tests. This will be performed at the discretion of the pathologist, and you will be charged for these additional tests.

Reportable Diseases

Wake Forest Baptist Health Diagnostic Laboratories adheres to all N.C. Department of Health and Human Services requirements regarding reportable diseases. We may submit these reports electronically, by fax or by phone, depending on the specific regulations.

By contracting with Wake Forest Baptist Health Diagnostic Laboratories, your organization agrees to comply with any state-specific statutes concerning reportable conditions, including, but not limited to, chromosomal abnormality registries.

Specimen Containers

In adherence to OSHA standards and good laboratory practices, we will not accept, transport or test any specimen contained in a syringe with a needle attached.

Specimen Labeling Requirements

NCBH Policy on Patient Identification of Blood, Body Fluids, and Tissue Samples

Specimens that are unlabeled, labeled with the wrong patient identification, or with incomplete information are not acceptable for processing. Specimens will be saved pedning investigation, questions, etc.

All specimens submitted to the laboratory must be labeled with the patient's identification label and accompanied by a test requisition or order. The following guidelines should be followed to assure accuracy of specimen identification and test orders.

Off-Campus/Outside Account Collected Specimen Identification

 Outside accounts should label specimens with at least two identifiers - 

  • Patient's full name (required)
  • Medical Record Number (if available)
  • Patient's date of birth should be recorded on the tube in the event a medical record number is unavailable

Criteria for Rejection of Specimens for Analysis

Specimens will be rejected by the Laboratory for analysis if any of the following applies:

  • Specimen fails technical requirements (sample is clotted, hemolyzed, etc.) for analysis as specified by each Lab section. The Lab will call the clinic with this information.
  • Specimen is collected in the incorrect tube type. The Lab will call the clinic with this information.
  • Specimen is received unlabeled, mislabeled, or incorrectly labeled. The Lab will call the clinic with this information. The specimen will be held in cases relabeling permission is pursued by client through Pathologist. Documentation is recorded in LIS.
  • Specimen label is off line and no patient name and one other identifier are visible on the label. Refer to third item above.
  • Specimen label is off line and no patient name and one other identifier are visible on the requisition. Refer to third item above.
  • Any specimen/requisition received which is mislabeled, unlabeled, or illegible. The Lab will call the clinic with this information. Refer to third item above.
  • Specimens received exceed stability for analysis.
  • Leaking container
  • Broken container
  • No specimen will be returned

Specimen Volume

As a general rule, the volume of blood drawn should equal to 2 1/2 times the amount of serum plasma required (e.g., to obtain 3mL serum or plasma, draw at least 7.5mL blood). When inappropriate or insufficient specimens are submitted, we will store them and contact the requesting facility to request the specimen be recollected.

If you have questions or concerns about the volume of a specimen being submitted, please contact WFDXLab@WakeHealth.edu to discuss the test and specimen quantity available. A staff member can advise you whether an alternative technique is available that can accommodate the lesser specimen volume.

Test Cancellations

Tests that are cancelled prior to setup will not be charged a fee. Once setup has occurred, cancellation requests cannot be administered. Testing will continue, a report will be issued, and your facility will be charged.