About Me

I am honored to be the designated speech-language pathologist (SLP) for the Cochlear Implant Team and pediatric audiology clinic, providing specialized services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children who utilize hearing aids and cochlear implants to learn how to listen and talk. Originally an undergraduate theatre major at Northwestern University, I discovered a new love for helping children communicate upon befriending a SLP during her time in Chicago, and have enjoyed weaving these two areas of interest together - frequently breaking into song and using animated exploration of play during therapy sessions!

During my graduate school training at the University of South Carolina, I was selected to participate in the specialization track for auditory-verbal therapy (AVT), an approach which harnesses the power of a child’s hearing technology to develop listening and spoken language skills through caregiver participation sessions. Previously in my career, I served as the SLP for a local school system’s hearing impaired program and spent 6.5 years in early intervention, working with families of infants and toddlers in the home setting. After 10 years of practice, I am thrilled to be in a formal mentorship with a world-renown listening and spoken language specialist (LSLS) through the Hearing First foundation, in pursuit of AGBell’s LSLS AVT certification (projected completion, winter of 2021). Stationed at Medical Plaza-Miller, I also evaluate and treat the pediatric population, especially in the areas of speech articulation disorder, receptive and expressive language delay, and voice variances.