Meet the Brenner Children's Mascots

Spotted some furry faces around town? Meet Brenn, Belle and Beau, three lovable pups who've made their home at Brenner Children's. You'll likely find them visiting friends at the hospital, hamming it up at local events or educating the community about health and wellness.

Brenner Children's Mascots

Watch this introduction video about Brenner Children's newest family members - Brenn, Belle and Beau!


A natural born leader, Brenn loves encouraging patients, their families and members of the community to stay motivated and - most importantly - to take care of themselves.

Position in the Pack: Oldest (she's the one in charge - well, most of the time!)

Favorite Color:  Green. It can be bold and beautiful, but also calming and serene. 

Favorite Activities: Herding; helping others

Where You'll Find Her: Visiting with patients and their families; helping out at a local fundraiser or seminar; wrangling Beau


Belle is a sweet, comforting people-pooch. She's happiest when she has a job to do, especially when it involves caring for others.

Position in the Pack: Youngest (although she's very mature!)

Favorite Color: Bright Blue. It's sweet, creative and fun! 

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch; giving advice

Where You'll Find Her:
Comforting patients and their families; volunteering at community events; giving out hugs left and right


Always the life of the party, Beau is full of energy and enthusiasm. Aside from making patients and their families laugh with his antics, Beau is a big advocate for health and wellness.

Position in the Pack: Middle (yep, he's a little rebellious - but means well!)

Favorite Color: Red. It's loud, proud crowd-pleaser!

Favorite Activities: Making jokes; exercising

Where You'll Find Him: Goofing around at the hospital; running at a local 5k; chasing his tail

If you run into Brenn, Belle or Beau around town, be sure to say hi! They can't wait to meet you.