Education and Training

Per federal regulations (42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F and 45 CFR, part 94), all key personnel involved in PHS funded research are required to complete financial conflict of interest (FCOI) training.  This federally mandated training is located in the electronic system known as eCOI.  Contact the Conflict of Interest Office at 716-9300 if you have questions about enrollment. 

Investigator FCOI Training Requirement

Initial One time, prior to the commencement of research at WFBH
Renewal Every 4 years thereafter, for the life of the project or until the end of your participation. 

All faculty, leadership, key administrators, network providers, and exempt (monthly paid) employees are required to complete training on conflict of interest, conflict of commitment, and industry interactions. This institutionally required training is located in HealthStream. Contact the Conflict of Interest Office at 336-716-9300 if you have questions about enrollme

COI and Industry Interaction Training Requirement

Initial At new hire
Renewal Every 3 years thereafter