Annual Outside Interest Disclosure

How to Disclose

The Outside Interest Disclosure process for Atrium Health is electronic and available on the link below. To login, type your or email and password.

eCOI Login


What to Disclose?

Disclosure of outside professional activities and financial interests that relate to your institutional role(s) and responsibilities, regardless of value, is required at least annually by institutional policy. This information is captured via the electronic disclosure system known as Huron eCOI.

Additional Disclosures Required Outside the Huron eCOI System

  • Disclosure of project specific relationship with submission of grants, contracts and regulatory protocols. 
  • Disclosure of outside relationships when submitting requisitions to Institutional procurement committees.
  • Disclosure of all financial interests by standing committee members to their committee(s).
  • Public disclosure of outside interests for all publications (including news releases), presentations (including posters) and approved media contact related to an Individual’s outside relationship or financial interests. 
  • Disclosure of third party-paid information in Concur prior to sponsored professional travel.

Who is Required to Disclose?

  • Leadership (Directors and above)
  • Faculty and Providers
  • Advance Practice Providers (NPs and PAs)
  • Residents, Fellows and Graduate Students
  • CRNAs and Specialty Nurses
  • Optometrists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists and Dentists
  • Mental Health Therapists and Social Workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Other roles that can independently bill for patient care

When to Disclose?

Individuals are required to disclose during the annual online disclosure process which occurs in July or upon hire. 

What if My Relationships Change?

Disclosures must be kept current. When substantial changes in external activities occur, individuals are required to update their disclosure within 30 days. Contact the COI Office at to update your annual disclosure. The COI Office will send you instructions and the link to Huron eCOI.

What If I Fail to Disclose as Required by Policy?

Individuals have an obligation to comply with policy.  Failure to disclose may result in the following repercussions:

  • Reimbursement to the Institution for misused resources, including salary and/or other forms of institutional compensation and other applicable fines imposed by outside entities.
  • Written admonition for placement in Individual’s employee file indicating that the individual’s good standing has come into question.
  • Ineligibility to participate in grant applications, IRB, or IACUC applications, or on committees.
  • Ineligibility to work with graduate students.
  • Retrospective review of all research activity on your PHS funded project (methods, data, results and publications) to ensure that no bias has occurred, as required by federal regulation. This means all research activity must stop until the retrospective review is complete.
  • Dismissal from an educational or training program.
  • Performance improvement counseling.
  • Dismissal of employment.