Preapproval for Outside Relationships and Activities

Policy requires that all individuals seek prior approval from leadership for any outside consulting, other employment opportunities and educational activities funded by Industry. Huron eCOI is a web-based, electronic system used to facilitate this process. Individuals can use the eCOI system to request prior approval for activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Consulting for a pharmaceutical company or IT firm
  • Investing in an external urgent care clinic
  • Organizing, attending or speaking at a non-CME educational event funded by a vendor of Atrium Health
  • Owning/operating an outside business that is related to a teammate’s Atrium Health employment responsibilities or may seek to do business with Atrium Health
Huron eCOI electronically routes the preapproval requests to the appropriate leadership for approval. eCOI then notifies individuals once the required approvals have been obtained. To login, use the link below and type your or User ID and Password.

                                                                                        eCOI Login


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