Current and Past Residents

Current Residents

Savannah Elliott, PharmD, 2023Savannah Elliott, PharmD, 2023

I don’t know if a perfect residency program exists, but Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s HSPAL program comes close. Wake forest provides strong clinical rotations, continuous leadership development, and an extraordinary Master’s program. The people are passionate about providing patients the best care, advancing our profession, and developing the next generation of leaders. Wake Forest is on the cutting edge of innovation, and is consistently looking for ways to grow and change for the better. Every person I have met at this institution has genuinely cared about my personal development and growth. I am confident upon graduation in two years from residency I will be more than prepared to be successful.

Emily Hainer, PharmD, 2023Emily Hainer, PharmD, 2023

I am thankful to be completing residency training at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist (AHWFB) due to the learner friendly environment, deep variety of opportunities, and rich history. When evaluating programs, I was looking for an HSPAL program that would prioritize my clinical training alongside rich administration and leadership training and experiences. Through the UNC master’s degree and interactions with our leadership team, I am exposed to administrative and leadership concepts in the first year while prioritizing my training as a strong clinical pharmacist. The people at AHWFB were ultimately what excited me the most about this program. Each person I have interacted with has been welcoming, encouraging, and gone out of their way to help me achieve my goals. I am so thankful for all those who have come before me to build this program and excited to give back and be a part of that legacy.

Noah FawcettNoah Fawcett, PharmD, 2023

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist offers everything I was looking for in a residency program and more. The HSPAL program provides an excellent balance between clinical practice experience, didactic master’s coursework, and administrative opportunities. Despite the virtual nature of recruitment and interviews, the strong culture in the pharmacy department was obvious throughout the process. Program leadership and the pharmacy team ensure a supportive, inviting, and collaborative environment in which residents can thrive. Wake Forest Baptist is providing me with the tools to succeed during and after residency, and I would not want to complete my training anywhere else!

Chance PartlowChance Partlow, PharmD, 2023

Before applying for residencies, I was seeking a program with a strong leadership team that fostered innovation, valued both clinical and administrative development, and offered a comprehensive spectrum of management experiences that would shape me into a well-rounded pharmacy leader. While Wake Forest Baptist exceeded my expectations in each of these areas, it was the people I met throughout the interview process that made it such an easy decision. The culture is one of excellence and encouragement making it an ideal learning environment that equips residents with the tools and support necessary to reach their full potential. I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Wake Forest Baptist, and I could not imagine a better place to begin my career!

Past Residents

Heather Dalton, PharmD, 2022

Heather Dalton, PharmD, 2022

Before my interview at Wake Forest Baptist, I was initially impressed with the leadership team, the robust program offerings, and the clinical experiences. When I was offered an interview, I was nervous to travel to North Carolina from Wisconsin and experience a different health system perspective. On interview day, my nerves quickly dissipated with the warm, inviting environment Wake Forest Baptist offers. Wake Forest Baptist’s residency experience is like no other in support of their residents, both professionally and personally. The pharmacy team at Wake Forest Baptist is inviting, compassionate, and encouraging of their pharmacy residents. I am thrilled to continue learning, and can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Current Position: Specialty Pharmacy Manager at Froedtert Health in Milwaukee, WI

Keith Keddington, PharmD, 2022

Keith Keddington, PharmD, 2022

I chose the Wake Forest Baptist HSPAL residency program because of the supportive learning environment and strong pharmacy community. This residency, like many others, has what I was looking for on paper, but more than other programs I felt like Wake Forest Baptist cared about my goals and helping create a personalized path to accomplish them. All my interactions with staff and residents were comfortable and conversational. It was clear during both the pre-interview and interview process that the program was genuinely concerned about tailoring the residency to my interests and needs. They offered a perfect balance of clinical rotations, administrative opportunities, a strong Master’s program, and teaching certificate. Throughout this first year they continue to challenge and encourage me to grow in unexpected ways while providing the support I need to find success. Pharmacy leaders at Wake Forest Baptist are on the cutting edge of advancement and want their residents to be involved on all levels. I know that I am part of a true pharmacy team and feel like I am being prepared to succeed beyond residency at the highest level.

Current Position: Clinical Manager of the Medication Assistance Program at UNC Health in Chapel Hill, NC

Joseph Bredeck, PharmD, 2021

Joseph Bredeck, PharmD, 2021

During my interview and first year of residency at Wake Forest Baptist, I was very impressed by the leadership team and individuals in the pharmacy department. The people I have met and relationship I have built with those people have made the greatest impact on me and my desire to be at Wake Forest Baptist. There is a true, collaborative environment in the pharmacy department and throughout the health system that fosters constructive learning experiences. As a resident in this environment, I am eager to learn and contribute each and every day. I am able to confidently and enthusiastically say I know I made the right choice in choosing Wake Forest Baptist for my pharmacy residency training.

Current Position: Pharmacy Operations Coordinator at The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, KS

Kyle Cornell, PharmD, MBA, PGY1

Kyle Cornell, PharmD, MBA, 2021

I chose Wake Forest Baptist for the people and the culture. It is always apparent how much the program leadership and preceptors care about investing in us as residents. I wanted to be somewhere that cares about both my professional and personal growth, as well as shares a vision for the profession of pharmacy that closely aligns with my own. I valued the strong clinical base provided in the first year of the program, and am excited about the variety of leadership experiences I will have in the second year.

Current Position: Director of Oncology Pharmacy Services at Duke Hospitals in Durham, NC

Danielle Baker, PharmD

Danielle Baker, PharmD, PGY2, 2020

Wake Forest Baptist had everything I was looking for. Everyone on the team here is truly passionate about patient care, education, and advancement of our profession. One of my favorite traits of this institution is the constant focus on strategic planning in order to identify unmet needs on a system-level with such a diverse patient population. Wake Forest Baptist continues to be recognized as a leading institution and is setting the foundation for my success as a leader in pharmacy. The people here are simply amazing to work with.

Current position: Pharmacy Manager in Ambulatory Services at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, NC

Bailey Eason, PharmD

Bailey Eason, PharmD, 2020

I still remember walking away from my Wake Forest Baptist interview. Throughout the interview day I was exposed to the vision of the leadership team and the preceptors who would play a role in my professional development over the next two years. From that interview, I was confident I would be surrounded by preceptors and mentors who would push me to grow and provide all the experiences I desired of a residency. Ultimately, it was those individuals that brought me to Wake Forest Baptist, the “Wake Forest Baptist Pharmacy Family”. Well into my second year, the people, my colleagues, are still my favorite part. My preceptors, co-residents and interdisciplinary colleagues at Wake Forest Baptist have challenged, supported and shaped me into the pharmacist I am. Today, I couldn’t imagine doing my residency anywhere else.

Current Position: Program Director of Drug Diversion at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, IL