Current and Past Residents

Current Residents 

Evan Kelley, PharmD

Past Residents 

Brennen Guzik, PharmDBrennen Guzik, PharmD

As I was researching PGY2 programs, my search focused on finding a program that would provide an environment to gain the skills to be a great IDS pharmacist. When I learned that Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist was starting the IDR residency, they instantly became a top choice. As a graduate of the pharmacy internship program, I experienced firsthand the level of research and number of onsite clinical trials at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. Going through the interview process, I found the IDS pharmacy team to be one of the most welcoming and supportive teams I have met. I am excited by the opportunity to grow with the team within the first year of this program and better define this residency for those who come after. Last, I am fully confident in the program’s ability and offering to develop my research and leadership skills, all while affording the networking opportunities needed to launch my career as an IDS pharmacist.