Growing pains are relatively common in children from 4 - 8 years-old. They affect 13-15% of boys and 18-20% of girls. Generally, the child wakes up crying because of pain in their legs and wants their legs rubbed. The pain usually goes away quickly.

Causes of Growing Pains

Most of the time, we do not know what causes growing pains. Rapid growth and muscle or tendon irritation may contribute. Overuse and soreness from running and jumping throughout the day may be the cause.

Treatment of Growing Pains

The majority of growing pains go away on its own. It can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen, naprosyn, or ibuprofen.

When to See an Expert

Persistent pain may suggest an underlying abnormality or even disease. This should be evaluated by a pediatrician.

Additional Information

Sometimes children like the attention - this is not faking - aches do respond to attention and love.