The Child Protection Team at Brenner Children’s Hospital is comprised of state rostered child abuse medical professionals who provide outpatient clinic services to children where there is suspicion of abuse or neglect. Additionally, the team consists of two Masters level social workers who are trained in forensic interviewing. CPT does not provide counseling or ongoing mental health services.

For Acute Cases

  • Consultation may be requested by an attending physician in either an inpatient or outpatient setting
  • Child physical evaluations by child abuse experts
  • Works as liaison with DSS, law enforcement, CACs, other medical providers and all other parties as needed.
  • Referral to ED for immediate attention when deemed warranted by on-call provider (see FAQ)

For Non-Acute Cases

  • Child physical evaluations and diagnostic interviews by child maltreatment experts as scheduled by CPT in outpatient clinic.

Appointment may be requested by DSS, law enforcement, or a medical provider by following the referral form link below.

CMEP (Child Medical Evaluation Program)

When should an appointment be CMEP (regardless of referral source)?

  1. When DSS is using the evaluation as part of their investigation/assessment
  2. When DSS has custody of the child/ren

Benefits of CMEP versus non-CMEP cases

  1. DSS owns the record so parents CANNOT obtain or access any documentation in reference to CME appointment
  2. Expedites the process as a whole

Who can consent?

  1. Parent whose rights have not been terminated
  2. Non-parent legal guardian with a judge-signed court order indicating they are a legal guardian
  3. DSS – ONLY IF a court order authorizes

NOTE: It is imperative to provide the court order(s) as this is standard for all medical settings if a parent is not the legal guardian – these orders need to be part of the patient record so we know who has authority for this child’s care. It is specific to WFBH Informed Consent Policy that a copy of the guardian’s letters of appointment must be filed in the Electronic Medical Record; consent may not be accepted from anyone claiming to be the patient’s guardian in the absence of letters of appointment or a certified copy of the court order appointing the guardian.

Brenner Child Protection Team clinic is non-routine and non-emergent medical care.