Life Support Education

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COVID Restriction Updates:

All Life Support classes have resumed to full capacity and will continue to follow social distancing guidelines as they are released by the organization. As of April 2022, the Life Support Education classroom space is mask optional. Our staff requests that you wear a mask if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms for the safety of other students and instructors.

The Department of Life Support Education offers basic and advanced resuscitation courses for Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist employees, as well as interested individuals from the community. 

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing individuals with the latest evidence-based resuscitation education available. Our courses provide participants with up-to-date information and hands on.

Bringing Children to Class

Please do not bring children to class with you. We do not have facilities to accommodate this and some of the content related to resuscitation may not be appropriate for children. Imagine if all 32 students brought a child to class with them. This is a liability issue for us and if you bring your child to class, we will ask you to reschedule for another class. 

Inclement Weather Policy

Due to prior preparation for scheduling dates for our classes at Life Support Education, we do not cancel classes for inclement weather unless extreme circumstances are present. There are very few days that we are not holding some type of class in our classrooms; therefore, rescheduling a canceled class would be virtually impossible. However, due to the distance many students drive to attend our classes, we realize that not all students will be able to attend a class in hazardous weather conditions. If this is the case, please call 336-716-9174 or us as soon as possible and we will reschedule you for a future class. 

In the unlikely event that classes are canceled, we will make every effort to post a notice either on this website or on our voicemail 336-716-9174.

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Please read the following before registering: 

  • Please make sure your correct e-mail address and the class date are listed. If no date is chosen or the email address is incorrect, you will not receive a confirmation.
  • Please make sure you register for the appropriate class for your needs. If you don't see the link to register for the class you need, you may need to scroll down the page a little further. We offer Providers, Updates, Combined Updates, and Instructor Courses. Please read each description to ensure that you register for the class you actually need.
  • Register for one date only for each type of class you are attending. Due to having restrictions on class size, we cannot allow one student to register for multiple dates. For example, we cannot allow a student to be registered for two different CPR classes at the same time. Unless otherwise informed we will assume the last course registered is the course you will be attending. All additional courses of the same discipline will be canceled. We understand that circumstances may arise causing the need to be rescheduled. If this is the case, please call us 336-716-9174 BEFORE class is scheduled to start. If we are not notified, you will be marked as a no show and an email will be sent to you and your direct supervisor.
  • Please read the information on each class you plan to take. Different classes have different requirements. Please ensure you complete the precourse requirements before coming to class.
  • If you are taking an update (ACLS or PALS) and did not take your previous class here, we will need copies of your previous cards in addition to a copy of your CURRENT AHA BLS card.  If you are taking an initial provider course (ACLS or PALS), we will need a copy of your CURRENT AHA BLS card (if not taken at the Medical Center). You will not be allowed in class if we do not receive a copy by the day of class.

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*To access course registration, please use the Google Chrome browser.*