About Me

I am a licensed psychologist and health services provider in the state of North Carolina. My clinical and research interests include psychological assessment and interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, as well as increasing access to the early detection of ASD. My approach to assessment is individualized in order to understand the child’s developmental and behavioral health functioning within the context of their unique family environment. This allows me to use the caregiver’s expertise of their child to inform assessment and treatment of social, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

I specialize in parent-mediated interventions that provide caregivers strategies to manage challenging behaviors and encourage skill development in communication and emotion regulation. This approach focuses on collaborating with caregivers to minimize negative behaviors such as noncompliance and tantrums, while building self-help skills and positive coping strategies appropriate to the child’s developmental functioning. I also provide family-focused cognitive-behavioral and acceptance-based therapies targeting anxiety and emotion dysregulation in children.