About Me

As a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist, I evaluate and treat people with voice disorders, paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder (PVFM), exercise induced laryngeal obstruction (EILO), and chronic cough/throat clearing due to irritable larynx syndrome. Voice disorders can occur across the lifespan, and I am especially interested in the rehabilitation of presbyphonia, or age-related voice changes. I believe that everyone should have a strong and reliable voice no matter their age. There is also great reward in helping people overcome debilitating breathing issues and chronic cough, both of which deeply impact a person’s quality of life.

I was drawn to this profession as I have always found immeasurable joy in using my own voice and have realized that the voice is much more than just a means of communication. My approach with every patient is to treat them like family, help them understand how we can work together to achieve their goals, and ultimately guide them towards rediscovering how to use the complex vocal system in a safe, healthy way. Successful voice therapy requires a trusting relationship between the clinician and the patient. I provide a warm and welcoming environment so that you will feel comfortable and empowered to discuss your goals in an open and honest way. Whether you use your voice for your career, reading to your grandchildren, connecting with your friends, or in countless other ways, I am excited to help you regain confidence in your voice and communication.

My research interests are wide-ranging and have recently focused on voice outcomes in people with movement disorders undergoing deep brain stimulation. In addition to my clinical role, I serve as Chair of Organizational Support and Advocacy for the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group and am thrilled to help build a safe and inclusive environment throughout our organization.