Neurology refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the nervous system. The nervous system is made of 2 parts:

  • The central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord.
  • The peripheral nervous system consists of all your nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord, including those in your arms, legs, and trunk of the body.

Together, your brain and spinal cord serve as the main "processing center" for the entire nervous system, and control all the functions of your body.

Neurological conditions are often complex to diagnose and treat effectively. When you are looking for the right medical care, you want to know you are in the hands of experienced healthcare practitioners who have committed their professional lives to unraveling the complexities of neurological disorders.

Our neurologists will treat you with dignity, respect and compassion; we provide some of the world's most advanced diagnosis and treatments for these conditions.

Many of our physicians are national and international experts in complex neurologic conditions, including epilepsy, movement disorders and strokes.