The pediatric urologists at Brenner Children's provide comprehensive care for children with a wide range of urological conditions that include problems with the kidneys, ureters, bladders, urethras and genitalia.

Our urologists are world renowned and care for children who come from all over the country with congenital (present at birth) and acquired urologic conditions, from hernias, urinary tract infections, bedwetting and undescended testis, to congenital disorders and cancer. In many cases, congenital problems are treated and resolved early in life -- sometimes through surgical reconstruction.

We provide expert diagnosis, testing, medical consultation and treatment for the full range of pediatric urological. As a parent, it is important for you to know that our pediatric doctors, nurses and technicians are specially trained to explain these procedures to your child and help them feel as comfortable as possible during their tests and course of treatment.

Why choose Brenner for your child’s treatment?

We create a personalized treatment plan for every child tailored to specific diagnosis, age and individual needs. We review our complex cases on a regular basis with our team. That means you get multiple experts weighing in on the best treatment course for your child. Our urologists also partner with experts from other specialties at Brenner, including orthopaedics, nephrology, endocrinology, genetics, psychology and pediatric gynecology, ensuring that care is seamlessly coordinated. You can be confident that your child is receiving the most skilled diagnosis and care in an environment designed to be comfortable for children and their families.

Many urologic disorders and illnesses are unique to children, and while most are not life-threatening, all of them make a very real and often long-term impact on quality of life and may have a serious impact on a child’s overall well-being. That’s why it’s important to trust your child’s care to a dedicated team of specialized pediatric urologists. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating disorders affecting reproductive and urinary organs in children.

When you choose our team for your child’s care, you can be assured they will be cared for by an experienced and knowledgeable care team who will take the time to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Individualized Care and Treatment

At Brenner, we believe in the philosophy of family-centered care and are always available to answer any questions parents and other family members may have. Our team works closely with our patients’ pediatricians, health care providers and family doctors to provide streamlined care throughout the treatment and healing process.

Clinical Services

We utilize our clinical expertise and the latest in technological advancements to help our patients heal and get better. We use extensive noninvasive diagnostic testing and a wide range of diagnosis and treatment options for pediatric patients of all ages.

When surgery is needed, our doctors always look to use cutting-edge therapies, including minimally-invasive procedures that require less time overall and faster recovery times. This approach results in shorter hospital stays and less pain for our patients. Our doctors are known worldwide for their breakthrough clinical research with the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, one of the world’s leading centers for regenerative medicine.

Pediatric Urology Services

Laparoscopic Surgery: Brenner urology department uses surgical techniques and equipment specially designed for children. We are one of just a few hospitals in the country that performs robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery (surgery in the abdomen) in children.

Minimally-invasive Surgery: Minimally-invasive operations take less time, require less cutting, are less painful and speed the healing process so that our pediatric surgical patients get better faster, have a shorter hospital stay and have an improved quality of life. Minimally invasive surgeries are used for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and conditions, as well as for biopsies (the removal of cells or tissues to determine a diagnosis) and tumor removal. Typically, minimally invasive surgery will entail laparoscopy (surgery in the abdomen) or thoracoscopy (surgery in the chest or lungs to treat chest diseases or infections).

We are the only hospital in the region that offers pediatric robotic surgery, including use of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system, which allows our surgeons to perform precise movements for even the smallest patients. And our urologic surgeons aren’t just performing robotic surgery – we are active in the development of new, assisted procedures that can improve outcomes and recovery.