Finding better ways to care for your employees can improve moral, make your employees healthier, and lower your costs. A win-win for everyone! 

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Recorded Webinars

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Managing Stress for Leaders and Employees During COVID-19

Join Bill Satterwhite, JD, MD; Will Eads, NCFBPPC; and Kati Davis for an insightful discussion about how you can help your employees better cope with the stress of COVID-19 and how you as a leader can handle you and your team’s stress.

Helping Your Clients Age Successfully

As a financial advisor you want your clients to age successfully with a good financial future. At Wake Forest Baptist Health we want people to consider their whole health as they age, including their body, mind and finances. We have developed leading edge exams that could help your clients live longer with a higher quality of life. Join us for this free seminar to learn about the exams and how they can help your clients age successfully.

Jeff D. Williamson, MD will open our webinar and talk about the Healthy Aging team's work in incorporating the latest in aging science into our exams. Then Bill Satterwhite, JD, MD will lead a panel discussion with two of the attending physicians of the exams to talk more about the experience your clients will have.

Caring for Your Employees: Social Determinants of Health and Their Effects on Your Workforce

Social determinants of health are conditions in which people live their life that affect a wide range of health outcomes and risks. As the head of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Community Health Alliance, Rachel Zimmer, DNP, will speak to how these many factors impact what you can do to help your business while improving the lives of your employees.

Caring for Your Employees COVID-19 and Business

Bill Satterwhite, MD, Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Chief Health and Wellness Officer, presents how to keep your employees well and working, and your business operational, even during a pandemic. Dr. Satterwhite provides case studies and effective strategies for success.