The Brenner FIT® program is a family-centered, evidence-based approach to weight management. This means we use the latest in research-proven methods to improve the weight and health of your child and family. We include the whole family in the treatment process, and focus on changing habits and behaviors, rather than restrictive diets and harsh exercises.  

The Brenner FIT team includes physicians, family counselors, dietitians, social workers, activity specialist and physical therapist. Benner FIT is available for English and Spanish-speaking families. 

At Brenner FIT, we take a comprehensive and transformative approach to pediatric obesity, providing uniquely tailored care to each family and guiding them toward a lifetime of better health. Through our approach and our passion, we aim to redefine pediatric obesity care, setting new standards in treatment, research, education and community outreach.  

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Brenner FIT Overview

Brenner FIT offers more than just clinical care. Learn more about the program and how we are involved in community outreach, research and professional education.