For families with a concern about their child’s weight and health, Brenner FIT® remains one of the leading programs in the country. Our medical and behavioral treatment program focuses on the care of children, ages 2-18, with weight and associated health concerns. If you are concerned about your child’s weight, talk with your child’s physician. Brenner FIT requires a referral from a physician, and treatment involves the entire family.

Brenner FIT strives to meet families where they are with a focus on inclusivity of culture and language. We have a dedicated Spanish-speaking team, Brenner FIT En Español.

Our Team

The Brenner FIT team includes experts in obesity care, family support, behavior change and activity/movement. Meet our team members.

Our Approach

We provide care that is safe, effective, and kind. While diets and strict exercise plans may work in the short-term, research shows that they are harmful for children and teens in the long-term. Brenner FIT knows that changing habits is not easy, and we are here to provide support to your family.

Through Brenner FIT, family habit change involves:

  • Getting reliable information — there are a lot of fad diets and “cures” out there.
  • Focusing on our behaviors and habits, rather than calorie counting and strict exercise.
  • Finding physical activities that your family enjoys.
  • Supporting each other. 
  • Making small changes that will last a lifetime.

Our approach follows Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility along with Positive Discipline parenting approach.

Brenner FIT Orientation

Learn more about Brenner FIT Clinic in our family orientation video. A doctor’s referral is needed to begin the program.

How Our Program Works

Once your physician refers you to the program, you will:

  • Receive a link via text to view the orientation video and complete forms
  • Attend virtual Brenner FIT 101 class
  • Start the 6 months of treatment
    • Initial visit with pediatrician and activity specialist (in-person)
    • Initial visit with dietitian and family counselor (virtual or in-person based on preference)
    • Six follow-up team visits every 3 – 4 weeks (virtual or in-person based on preference)
    • Six-month Medical review visit with pediatrician (in-person)
    • Decide your family’s next step

For caregivers with Spanish as their preferred language, we have Brenner FIT En Español.

Frequently Asked Questions