Brenner Children's Emergency Department Treats Wide Range of Trauma Injuries

Brenner Children's is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the United States. As part of the overall hospital, the pediatric emergency department (ED) strives to save the lives of children who have suffered injury. The pediatric ED aims to save lives through education, awareness, treatment and research.

Many people are surprised when they discover the #1 cause of death among children is trauma. The numbers are staggering: 12,000 children die annually and while 100,000 survive - these children often endure some form of disability.

The Brenner Children's Emergency Department is one of 36 verified Level I Pediatric Trauma Centers in the United States. The ED partners with researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Health, the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine plus the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences. 

Different Pediatric Trauma Treatments

There are major differences in the treatment of pediatric trauma patients and adult trauma patients. Children are different - in everything from anatomy to emotions. Thus treatment can be different. Based on research, children are able to recover faster from certain types of trauma. For example, children with central nervous system (CNS) injuries, when treated properly, have a stronger and faster recovery. However, accurate diagnosis, even at pediatric hospitals, can sometimes be a challenge. 

In the field, initial assessment can be difficult in pediatric emergency cases. For example, children can show normal vital signs right up until they've lost more than 30% of their blood. Young children are vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. Inexperienced teenage drivers are vulnerable to auto accidents. In each case, specialized treatment can improve the chances of survivability.

With pediatric trauma, the goal of the emergency medical responder is to recognize and treat shock and respiratory failure quickly. In the hospital, the goal is to minimize scans and surgery.

Brenner's pediatric ED treats a wide range of pediatric trauma but sees "typical" injuries including choking, drowning, falls and broken bones. The physicians and support staff treat every type of pediatric emergency.