At Brenner Children’s Emergency Department (ED), your child’s emergency care doesn’t begin when he or she enters an operating room; it starts the moment you walk into our emergency department. The pediatric ED has been specifically designed to make sure your child’s stay is as comfortable as possible and focused on giving him or her the best care possible.

The commitment of our pediatric ED is to be prepared to care for infants and children with all types of emergent medical needs. When needed, we begin the process of sedation and pain management right away and ensure your child is diagnosed as fast as possible by experts in the field. This means that your child will receive the treatment and care he or she needs in the least amount of time possible, which strengthens outcomes, decreases recovery time and minimizes pain. 

What Makes Our Pediatric ED Different?

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Level I Pediatric Trauma Center 
  • Doctors, nurses and staff specialize in caring for children with emergent medical needs
  • Prepared to handle any pediatric emergency, from an allergic reaction to broken bones to serious illness
  • Customized child-sized technology and equipment
  • All patients are seen by a doctor specially trained in emergency care
  • Specialized pediatric transport team for critically ill children
Our pediatric ED was designed from the ground up to care for children only. Learn more about how the right tools and expertise can make all the difference.

When Should I Bring My Child to the Pediatric ED?

You should call an ambulance for your child whenever you feel you are facing a medical emergency. It is always a good idea to utilize ambulance services instead of driving to the ED yourself when facing a severe emergent medical condition. This will ensure you will safely arrive at the ED. Specifically, you should take immediate action when your child is: 

  • Unconscious or lifeless
  • Not breathing or having major difficulty breathing
  • Facing severe pain or a major injury, especially injuries to the head or neck
  • Bleeding non-stop
  • Possibly poisoned
  • Burned severely
  • Having a seizure
  • Having difficulty waking up or displaying unusual behavior

As a parent, you know your child best. Even if your child doesn't meet one of the above criteria, if you are concerned and feel that they need immediate care, call an ambulance or bring them to your closest ED.

Please make sure to provide the emergency staff with the following information; try to speak clearly and slowly:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • The location of the injured child and a phone number, if relevant
  • The specific medical emergency

Once you arrive at the ED, you'll be received in a warm and comfortable atmosphere where the treatment of your child's illness or trauma is top priority.

When you first come to the pediatric ED, you should check in at the front desk. You will then be seen by a triage nurse. Once in a patient room, your child will be examined by an emergency doctor. Tests or procedures will be reviewed. After a full examination and treatment, your doctor will discuss with you whether your child is ready to be discharged or should be admitted into the hospital for further treatment. The doctor will discuss with you in detail all steps for after-care if your child is discharged, or the next steps to be taken if your child is admitted into the hospital.  

Our Team

Our pediatric ED team consists of doctors trained in both pediatric and emergency medicine, nurses, technicians, psychologists, social workers and other health care professionals. In addition, at Brenner you will have access to more than 120 pediatric specialists - all prepared to provide the best possible care for your child at a moment's notice.  

If your child chokes on a peanut, a pediatric emergency specialist will be there to stabilize your child with access to an otolaryngologist, who will then use the right-sized tools to remove that peanut.

If you child needs his or her appendix removed, a surgeon, an anesthesiologist and their team will be immediately available to ensure your child's operation is performed safely with the right amount of sedation and with the least amount of pain possible.

If your child is facing a more serious traumatic event, Brenner's full team of trauma experts will assess and provide high caliber treatment within moments of your arrival.

Whether you are bringing your child in for respiratory illnesses, broken limbs or major trauma, be assured that you'll receive exceptional treatment from trained experts with technology and tools that are designed specifically for the care of children.

Our team is led by Milan D. Nadkarni, MD, a pediatric emergency doctor with nearly 20 years of experience caring for children with emergency medical conditions.