What You Should Bring to the Pediatric Emergency Department

There is no more difficult time for a parent than when his or her child is facing an emergent medical condition. Being prepared ahead of time can make such an experience more manageable and less stressful.

Here are a few suggestions of things you should bring with you to Brenner Children’s Emergency Department:

  1. If your child is taking any medications, please bring either the prescription or the medication bottle itself.
  2. If your child has a chronic health condition or has previously been hospitalized, please make sure to bring enough information to describe your child’s medical history to your emergency doctor. This will help us make better decisions for your child’s care in the least amount of time possible.
  3. You should also bring any imaging studies related to your child’s medical condition, placed on a CD or other electronic storage device; if you can, please bring your original studies with you.
  4. Things happen quickly when you are facing an immediate medical need. If at all possible, bring someone who can be helpful to you or your child. This may be someone who drives with you (or rides with you in the ambulance) or someone who meets you at the pediatric ED. During the course of your stay at Brenner Children’s pediatric ED, there will be times of great activity and times of inactivity. Having someone there to comfort you and your child will be extremely helpful, especially in times when you need to speak to a doctor, but your child needs to be comforted.
  5. Try to bring something that holds meaning for your child, such as a favorite stuffed animal or toy. This item can provide comfort to your child as he or she goes through the diagnosis and treatment phases. This item can also stay with your child through his or her entire period of stay at Brenner Children's; something familiar in an unfamiliar environment can be very comforting to a child.
  6. It may be a good idea to bring a change of clothes and a toothbrush, in case your stay at Brenner Children’s pediatric ED is longer than expected. If you don’t bring these items, don’t worry. We have care packages available for families of children staying at Brenner Children's.