North Carolina Medicaid Updates

North Carolina will begin the recertification (renewal) process for Medicaid beneficiaries on April 1, 2023. This means Medicaid patients are required to submit information to determine they are still eligible for Medicaid coverage. The process will be completed over the next 14 months, as beneficiaries are up for renewal. Some people may no longer have coverage. For other people, benefits may change.   

To learn more, visit or call NC Medicaid toll-free at 833-870-5500 (TTY: 711 or

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Actions You Can Take Today

Make sure your mailing address and other contact information are up to date.
With an enhanced ePASS account, you can update your address and other information for Medicaid online without having to call or visit your local DSS.  

Sign up for an ePass account

Check your mail
DSS will mail you a letter if you need to complete a renewal form.

Complete the renewal form 
If you receive a renewal form, fill it out and return it to your local DSS right away to help avoid a gap in Medicaid coverage. 

Find your local DSS office.

How do I know if my Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist doctor is in an NC Medicaid health plan?

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist doctors and hospitals are the following NC Medicaid health insurance plans:

If you have any questions, please contact your health plan.

Important: If you have a medical emergency, go to the closest hospital emergency room. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist hospitals provide services to all patients seeking treatment for an emergency medical condition, regardless of what health insurance plan you have or if you can pay for emergency services.

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