Weight Loss Before Joint Replacement

Losing weight is challenging, even in the best circumstances.

Now imagine needing to lose weight when you have a bad knee or hip - so bad that the knee or hip needs to be replaced. And to make matters worse, the surgeon cannot replace your knee or hip until you lose the weight. This is the definition of a vicious cycle.

The Weight Management Center Pre-Hab Weight Loss ® plan is the solution to this challenge. 

Our Pre-Hab Weight Loss plan is designed to help you:

  • Meet your orthopedic surgeon’s weight loss goal, which is typically a BMI < 40 kg/m2
  • Lose weight quickly and safely under a doctor’s supervision
  • Preserve lean mass while losing weight with modified exercise and dietary plans
  • Get in better shape to improve recovery after your joint replacement

The Pre-Hab Weight Loss plan is set up to help you reach your weight loss goal within as little as 16 weeks*(actual time depends on your starting weight and amount of weight loss required). The Weight Management Center professionals thoroughly evaluate you to build a tailored dietary, exercise, and medical treatment plan.

Included in the 16-week program:

  • Medical visits
  • Nurse visits
  • Registered dietitian visits
  • Personal training
  • On Track® remote monitoring system
  • Medical lab monitoring

Cost: $350 out of pocket; other charges are billed to insurance.

For more information or to get enrolled in the Pre-Hab Weight Loss plan, call 336-716-6099 now.

*16-24 weeks